The Institute of Cardiovascular Research (TICR)

Nearly one in three Scottish people will die from a heart related illness.

Diseases of the heart and circulatory system (or Cardiovascular disease, CVD) were the second most common cause of death in the United Kingdom last year, with a total of around 155,000 deaths.  (CVD caused 27% of all deaths and all cancers together caused 29%).

Heart Disease can affect the elderly, the middle aged and the young.

In a recent study of Tayside children, more than 20% of those studied demonstrated evidence of the early signs of cardiovascular disease.  Over one quarter of premature deaths in men and women are from CVD.  In total there are almost 41,000 premature deaths from CVD per year in the UK.  Something must be done to halt this disease.  We, in TICR, hope our research will show the way to prevention, better diagnosis and treatment.

TICR Appeal

The TICR campaign is funding the The Institute for Cardiovascular Research bringing together a team of specialists in nutrition, drug therapy vascular biology, cardiac disease epidemiology and fundamental laboratory science to enable prevention, or early detection of heart disease, and intervention into heart-related disorders at an early stage, before heart attack, stroke or amputation can occur.