The Institute of
Cardiovascular Research, Tayside

Our research will show the way to prevention, better diagnosis & treatment.
  • The Institute of 
Cardiovascular Research, Tayside

    Join us for Kiltwalk 2020

  • Join us for Kiltwalk 2020

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    Cardiovascular research is a priority for the University of Dundee and for the National Health Service and TICR.


    Announcing that we will be taking part in this years Kiltwalk event to raise vital funds for our charity.


    Your donations have been invaluable, please keep them coming.

    I am delighted to be at the University of Dundee to open the first phase of this world class institute in Tayside.

    Heart disease is Scotland’s number one problem. Clinicians need to have the facilities and equipment in order to fight this killer disease. The Institute of Cardiovascular Research is leading the way in bringing these researchers from different fields in heart medicine together with patients to find clinical and preventative solutions.”

    - Lorraine Kelly | TICR Official Opening